Street style from another point of view

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Your dressing code is influenced very much by the place where you live. Street fashion is like money. It is characterized by perpetual changing, it’s ever-spinning and always-moving. And just like every country has its own currency, the big fashion centres have their recognizable styles. There are universal trends, but every city has its own “filter”, which can change a trend and adpating it to the needs of the city. The best thing about this trend is that street fashion can influence high fashion. For me, street style is like a mirror of a given city.


London is (and was) always a rebel. Its rainy weather has left a strong imprint on its fashion. A true multicultural centre where young designers can try their luck.


Milan is the home of the divas. The colorful and pulsating italian temperament influenced the style of the city. Italian women are bold and fearless, they use vivid patterns and flamboyant colors.


NYC is an eternally young city. Perhaps they are the best in mixing styles and trends.Home for most of the international mega-brands, they always reinvent themselves.


Paris is synonymous with the notion of classic elegance. Of course, french women have their bohemian side, but I wanted to emphasize the fact that almost everyone in that city has an inclination for fashion. As a result, sreet fashion is thriving.


It’s difficult to find the right words for Berlin. You can find minimalism, vintage in one place. The youngest of the big fashion centers, their motto would be:”do what you want, express yourself the way you want”.


For Budapest, street fashion-and fashion in general-is at its beginning. Minimalism seems to be the strongest trend in the city. There are individual initiatives and lonely trendsetters who hopefully will influence the younger generations.